330 G E Patterson Ave
Memphis, TN 38126


SAFETY DIRECTOR JOB DESCRIPTION Our company takes safety seriously, and we require all of our employees to use the standard industry practices to keep everyone safe on the job. To that end, we’re seeking an experienced Safety Director who can evaluate the safety protocols followed on various job sites and departments, organize safety training for employees and work closely with management. The ideal candidate will have experience in the construction/motor shop industry and understand the specific safety issues inherent to construction sites and electric motor shops. The Safety Director is responsible for all aspects of the company's efforts to develop...

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Human Resources Manager

JOB DESCRIPTION The human resource manager is directly responsible for the overall administration, coordination and evaluation of the human resource function and all benefit’s programs. RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Develop and administer various human resources plans and procedures for all company personnel. 2. Plan, organize and control all activities of the department. 3. Write and update job descriptions as necessary; conduct annual salary surveys; analyze compensation; monitor the performance evaluation program and revises as necessary. 4. Develop, recommend and implement personnel policies and procedures; prepare and maintain handbook on policies and procedures; perform benefits administration to include yearly renewals, billing and updates,...

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