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We’re powering up the future of industrial electrical service.

A lot has changed at Tristate. You now have access to 25% more inventory than before. A new inventory management system to find products faster. And a growing team of experts to help you keep your equipment performing at its best.

There’s more innovation on the way, including our brand-new website. In the meantime, you can continue to rely on the exceptional service Tristate has provided for more than 100 years.

Tristate Armature

330 G.E. Patterson Ave.
Memphis, TN 38126

We’ve got your parts. And your back.

Take some of the pain out of your supply chain. Outsource the work of researching the right equipment for your needs. And nail down your automation strategy with pros. Find the right products every time with:

  • Trained product advisors
  • Authorized Siemens provider
  • Thorough product and parts documentation
  • Dozens of top name brands, including Siemens, Yaskawa, Cooper Power, and 3M
  • Brand-new inventory control management system for faster quotes
  • Vast selection of motors and controls
  • Design-build engineering
  • Technical application assistance
  • Turnkey industrial automation solutions, including retrofits and installations

Higher voltage is a high priority.

Some electrical companies balk at 15,000+ volts, but we specialize in it. When your operations depend on low- to medium-voltage expertise, we’re there to keep you running. And that’s not all our contractors do.

  • Electric vehicle chargers
  • Medium-voltage (35kV) controls and signaling
  • Splicing and terminating medium-voltage cables
  • Power and energy surveys (arc flash)
  • Thermographic infrared scanning with digital imaging
  • Switchgear maintenance and testing
  • Transformation testing, inspection, and oil sample analysis
  • Breaker testing and repair
  • High-potential maintenance testing up to 100kV DC and repair

Motor Repair:
From busted to better than ever.

Moving a big motor can be a pain. That’s why Tristate can pick it up, bring it to our facility, repair it to AR100/EASA standards, and return it to you. Anytime you need it. We can provide:

  • UL-certified explosion-proof motor repair
  • Dynamometer full load testing
  • Vacuum pressure impregnation
  • Failure analysis, including digital photos
  • Vibration analysis
  • In-place dynamic balancing
  • Motor modifications and upgrades
  • Cleaning and inspection services
  • Predictive and preventive motor maintenance training

Tristate also offer 24/7 online access to motor repair reports. Get detailed information on your motor’s condition whenever you need it.