330 G E Patterson Ave
Memphis, TN 38126

Legacy of Leadership

Please join us in welcoming Erik Frank as the 6th President of Tristate Armature & Electrical Works, Inc. Over our 100 year history, Erik distinguished himself among an extremely high quality group of internal and external candidates. The Search Committee unanimously recommended him to the Board who in turn approved his selection with a unanimous vote. He demonstrated breadth and depth of experience in every step of the interviewing process. This experience will be required to lead TSA to fulfill the future potential of the company by building upon the strong foundation of the past. Erik made this brief statement about the privilege to lead the company in this role, “I am humbled and honored to serve in this role and look forward to leading TSA on the journey into the next 100 years.”

The Future of TSA 

The Search Committee took on this incredible responsibility realizing how important the decision would be to the future of TSA. They truly adopted a position of expediency balanced with thoroughness. The discipline of the search process focused upon the ability to utilize the organizational profile and position profile to ensure a clear “fit” with the final candidate(s). The various steps utilized in the search process made Erik’s abilities so clear that he was the only candidate recommended to the Board. Larry Forbis, Chairman of the Search Committee, made this statement about the work of the committee, “They were a hard working group with different perspectives and ultimately came together unanimously as one to select Erik.”

What’s Next?

One of the reasons that Erik Frank became the clear leader for this role was his understanding that the future of TSA was directly related to serving employees, customers, vendors, and shareholders in a manner that produced consistent high quality results. We are currently organizing a series of “meet and greet” opportunities to allow you to see the wonderful leadership qualities that the committee saw. Future correspondence will  provide details on various opportunities to meet the new President of TSA. However, do not be surprised if you find him in your office, job site, or location in his own attempt to get to meet and listen to each of you who provides so much support to the mission and vision of Tristate Armature & Electrical Works, Inc.!

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