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President Search

Legacy of Leadership

Many of you are aware of the remarkable history of leadership over the past 100 years at Tri-State Armature. We have been blessed to be led by only 5 different Presidents over the years. You are aware of the sudden and unanticipated loss of our last President. We are asking for your help as we seek the individual who will become the 6th president of Tri-State. 

100 Years Young

We are incredibly proud of our rich history of serving our customers, employees and communities. Deep and longstanding relationships characterize our past and definitely will be a part of our future. We are looking for that leader who will build upon our past but also enable us to move into the rapidly changing future of the industrial electrical industry. The next leader should be someone who ensures that we are 100 years young. 

Powering Industry

Our business model has uniquely positioned TSA in the industrial electrical industry. We love having the capability to serve our many customers in multiple ways including industrial construction installations, motor repair and a deep inventory of parts. Furthermore, our branch offices enable us to put our people and services closer to many of our key customers. We desire that our next leader take a look at this business model to ensure that we are operating at maximum effectiveness while also looking at creative opportunities to grow our business in the future. 

President Profile Position

This position profile was developed from an organizational health analysis conducted  by our Search Consultant. The report  identified the needs of the organization which in turn created the following profile:

  1. Ability to clearly define and engage employees around mission, values and vision that leads to effective execution and employee engagement, customer satisfaction and shareholder value
  2. Ability to see and understand BOTH areas of organizational effectiveness and organizational ineffectiveness.
  3. Ability to make hard decisions with clarity and consistency that may have near term pain but long term gain.
  4. Ability to lead change and create organizational health  as identified in the measures for healthy and  effective organizations as well as the challenges identified in the  5 areas from the interviews
  5. Ability to create synergy with a multi- generational workforce and various lines of business, including subsidiaries as well as effective utilization of union and non-union workforce
  6. Ability to effectively deploy current capital structure to maximize profitability and shareholder value on a consistent basis
  7. Ability to consistently evaluate the profitability and sustainability of the different lines of business and subsidiaries, including know what businesses to start and which to stop
  8. Ability to identify capacity and capabilities of internal expertise while also identifying and deploying external expertise as needed for critical initiatives

You can recommend someone that you believe meets the above President profile. You may send the contact information or have them reach out to our Search Support Consultant.